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There can be no beautiful hair without a healthy scalp. We offer comprehensive, scientifically-proven scalp-care services to ensure your scalp stays healthy and free of problems:From gradual hair thinning to complete hair loss, we’ve got you covered with our various hair services and treatments, based on your preference and style.

Hair Replacement:

Our hair replacement solutions incorporate the latest technology to give you natural-looking, undetectable and lightweight hair pieces made of 100% natural hair. These hair pieces can be styled to your your liking. All our hair replacement procedures are non-surgical (no pain and no injections), with the customised hair piece attached (non-intrusive) to your scalp carefully with no side effects.  

The process:

A perfect hairpiece has to be tailored to the shape and size of the individual’s scalp, which varies from person to person.

First, we create a model based on the client’s scalp. Next, we identify the suitable hair type to match his or her own hair. The selected hair is then hand-woven onto lace, and attached by either tap, clip, or glue. There are no side effects.

The process is fuss-free, quick and comfortable. The hair piece blends naturally into the hairline, giving you a full head of natural-looking hair that feels as real as your own.

Hair piece:

Our custom-made hair pieces used in hair replacement procedures are made with 100% natural hair, processed with high-temperature sterilization, deacidification, as well as anti-aging treatment (polymer chemistry technology).

Advanced biomimetic membranes and silk are used as the base material of our hair pieces, allowing your scalp to breathe. With the ventilation, your scalp will still feel cool even when you are perspiring.


Other Professional hairstyling services:

  • Wash/Blow wash/Blow
  • Hair Cut
  • Hair Knitting
  • Rebond
  • Colour
  • Perm
  • Hair Referral
  • Hair Tightening
  • Scalp Treatment

These hairstyling services are hair care services for monthly follow-up sessions, to ensure your hair is well-managed and kept in perfect condition.


Hair knitting

We provide a complete range of professional and hairstyle services to give your hair the latest and most glamorous looks.Special attention is offtered to customers wearing hairpieces to ensure their hair is well managed and kept in perfect shape,from month to month


Professional scalp treatment

There can be no beautiful hair without a healthy scalp. We offer comprehensive care to ensure your scalp stays healthy and free of problems.

  • Root cleansing
  • Ginger-based shampoo treatment
  • Massage
  • Hair steaming (15 – 20 minutes per session)