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Singapore’s leading hair replacement studio for over 20 years.


Step 1

Measurements of your head are taken after you have selected a base and a desired hair type


Step 2

Our specialists carefully craft your hair system; custom-made to fit you for optimal comfort and appearance


Step 3

The final step is styling & grooming your new hair in any way you want! 


UEC - Non Surgical Hair Replacement System Singapore

Your trusted partner in hair replacement care. With discreet in-house consultations, precise measurements, and a commitment to quality, we provide tailor-made hair solutions that empower confidence.

Our Secret

We keep our customers involved in every step of the way; from beginning to end.

Why Choose UEC Non Surgical Hair Replacement System Singapore

What our customers
say about us

Compared to other hair replacement salons, UEC staff are very professional. They always get me the style I want and their prices are very affordable.
Anton Walker, Singapore

Dealing with hair loss after chemotherapy was emotionally challenging. However, UEC proved to be a lifeline. Their professionalism, care, and patience in crafting a personalized hair replacement system not only eased my worries about the outcome but also restored my confidence. Thanks to UEC, I feel beautiful again.

Ms. Clarey Teo
Property Management, Singapore

  • What services do UEC hair offer?
    We provide hair replacement systems and a complete suite of salon and customisation services to make sure you look your best, no matter the style you want to rock.
  • Why choose UEC Hair?
    When you choose UEC, you choose the expertise of the country’s leading hair replacement specialist – Ms Elainne Yu. Elainne leads the team of stylists at UEC, involved in customising and cutting our customers hair systems. A native of Hong Kong and hair replacement specialist since the 1990s, Elainne bought her craft to Singapore in 2003, training local hair replacement stylists when the trade had barely begun to blossom. Today, many of Elainne's students find themselves accomplished stylists, with a few even venturing out to establish their own salons.
  • How much does a hair system cost?
    From $688. You want your hair system to look and feel the most natural to yourself and others, we get that. The price of a hair system depends on its size, hair length and base type. Too often, hair systems offered to customers at extremely cheap prices turn out to be off-the-shelf stock pieces of poorer quality. With UEC, you get hair that looks, feels, and behaves like it’s growing out of your scalp. All this is possible because of the customisation we provide our customers with.
  • How long does it take to get a customised hair system?
    4-8 weeks. Customised hair systems are different from stock hair systems in that careful attention is paid to how the system matches your natural hair colour, density and texture. Your patience will pay off when a truly natural-looking and undetectable piece greets you.
  • How often do I have to come back for maintenance?
    1-4 weeks. Your lifestyle and choice of adhesive will determine how often you need to reattach your hair system. A highly active person’s frequency of maintenance will usually be higher than that of an inactive person, due to heat and sweat breaking down the bond faster.
  • Will I learn how to maintain my hair system?
    If you prefer a DIY approach to taking care of your hair system, we’ve got you covered as well. We will teach you how to detach, attach and clean your system, as well as how to keep your hair in tip-top condition.
  • Can I shower, swim and workout while wearing my hair system?"
    Yes! A properly fitted and customised hair system will enable you to live, work, and play with little compromise and total freedom.


Frequently Asked Questions 

UEC's professionalism and products exceeded my expectations in addressing my inherited hair loss worsened by my construction job. Highly recommended. Thank you, UEC!

Mr. Andy Tan, Construction Engineer, Singapore

I'm immensely grateful to UEC for their expert care in managing my hair & eliminating my concerns about hair loss. Their professionalism & attentive service create a naturally confident look, making UEC the best choice.

Mr. Colin, Artist, Singapore


Our Services

UEC Hair Studio one-stop service includes initial consultation sessions, customization and treatment sessions, and follow-up hair care sessions- which include styling and trimming to make your hair look natural. Amazing results are visible after 3 weeks!



In-Home Consultation


The first step is a no obligation consultation with one of our expert consultant. 




In the second step, we prepare your scalp, blend the system into your hair, cut and style your new hair as discussed. 




In the final step, we teach you how to maintain your hair system. It is easy to maintain as we only use real human hair.


All the services you need, in one place.

We provide hair system servicing for all hair system bases, hair template / system cut out, standard hair cutting service, and premium hair treatment. 

We also provide standard hair salon services, include coloring, perm, and styling for your hair system as well as the following -


Wash & Blow - Tape / Glue • Hair Knitting • Haircut / Trimming • Colour • Perm • Rebonding • Hair Treatment • Scalp Treatment • Styling • Facial

Other Services

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When you choose UEC, you choose the expertise of the country’s leading hair replacement specialist, Ms Elainne Yu.


Elainne formed UEC Hair Studio in 2006, with a mission to help those suffering from hair loss to look and feel their best anytime and anywhere.


With more than 30 years of experience in providing hair replacement solutions and hairdressing, Elainne has served satisfied clients from all walks of life, including top celebrities and those suffering from various medical conditions.


A native of Hong Kong and hair replacement specialist since the 1990s, Elainne bought her craft to Singapore in 2003, training local hair replacement stylists when the trade had barely begun to blossom. 


Today, many of Elainne’s students find themselves accomplished stylists, with a few having established their own salons in Singapore.

About Us


At UEC, we provide a suite of affordable and expertly crafted solutions for men and women seeking to treat their hair loss. Sounding like the Cantonese word, ‘优依丝’, which means meaningful, our brand name is known by our customers to be synonymous with impeccable results, affordably priced services, and a client-centric approach.


Maintaining lifelong relationships with our clients is our number one priority and at no point on your journey with us would you have to contend with any form of hard selling or sales tactics commonly employed by less well-meaning salons in the hair replacement trade.


When you become a client of UEC, you will be taken care of by a team of professionals with a combined working experience of more than 50 years. With stringent training, tests and a minimum requirement of 5 years of hairdressing experience, you can be sure you are in good hands.

The Hair System

Elainne Yu



Served over 5000 customers spanning over 20 countries


Professional Senior Hairstylist

Professional Hair Weaving Artist

- Mandy Beauty College -



Member of International Beauty Professionals Validation Association

About Us


Our Team


Elainne Yu


Elainne founded UEC Hair Studio in 2006, with a mission to help those suffering from hair loss to look and feel their best anytime and anywhere.



Specialist Consultant

With 15 years of experience in scalp treatment under her belt, she is passionate about problem solving and believes in constant learning and growing in life.



Director Stylist

She has 30 years of experience in her vocation and loves witnessing her clients’ renewed confidence with their hair replacements.

Pinky Photo_edited.jpg

Pinky Chok


She has 15 years of experience and finds job satisfaction in learning new techniques and making friends with clients. Her life motto is to lead a simple, content life.




With 8 years of experience in the hair industry, Max values hard work over natural talent as the key to success..




Coming in with 20 years of experience in areas of hair and beauty, Arries enjoys the challenge that comes with her job.

Free consultation
for first-timers! 

Contact Us

531 Upper Cross Street, #04-11

+65 8031 7231

Mon - Fri, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday & Public Holiday - Closed


On-The-Shelf Stock, Natural Hair Replacement

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